For everyone who wants to play music.
Start a musical quest with your Fuyomin!

Fuyomin is the spirit of a musical instrument contained in an animal. With your Fuyomin, you enter Solfege Academy and start your quest to become the world’s best Fuyomin-trainer. This is an educational role-playing game which can be enjoyed by both adults and children while learning to read music.

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Fuyomin and the Kingdom of Music
〜Story Outline〜

Fuyomin and the Kingdom of Music

The Ruler of the Prairie

Located at the eastern end of the world, the Solfege Kingdom was wealthy, peaceful, and prosperous, protected by the mighty magic of the Queen. However, monsters started to appear around the Kingdom on a stormy night and began attacking people.

Rumors have spread all over the Kingdom that someone has stolen the magic stones, the source of Queen’s magical power. Monsters often appear on the eastern prairie, and animals have also started to become violent and to attack people. Travelers have been attacked and grazing has become impossible. The mayor of east village, which is completely stymied, asked you to get rid of the monsters on the prairie …

How to start

First, visit a breeder with 100,000 gold and choose your first Fuyomin. Adorable Fuyomin such as dogs, cats, and rabbits are waiting for you.
You will use a musical score to charge your Fuyomin in battle. Before that, you need to study a musical score at Solfege Academy. The teachers in the academy kindly teach you how to read musical scores. You should study hard to obtain a musical score, which is granted after passing an examination.
You can get items which are helpful for your quest. Food can temporarily enhance your Fuyomin’s strength, defense, and agility. Potions can heal your Fuyomin’s wounds or increase its health points. In addition, you can get bonus items for free by watching ads.
Finally, you can start your quest. Defeat violent monsters with musical note attacks by your Fuyomin. By playing your musical score, you can charge your Fuyomin with the notes to attack the monsters. The power of musical notes decreases according to the number of mistakes you have made. Be aware that the notes will be destroyed if you make three mistakes. After defeating all monsters, you can complete the quest to get experience points and gold.


How to get Fuyomin

You can get Fuyomin from professional breeders. You can get a well-bred Fuyomin of a good pedigree at a reasonable price. You can obtain various Fuyomin, such as the PianoRabbit, which is a piano spirit in a rabbit, the Liolin, which is a violin spirit in a lion, and the Hundolin, which is a mandolin spirit in a dog. Note that the strength, defense, and agility of each Fuyomin differ based on the characteristics of the animals.

There is no limit to the number of Fuyomin you can obtain, but the number of Fuyomin you can take on a quest is limited to four or less.

For more information about Fuyomin, click here!




How to learn musical scores

Select the musical score you want to learn. The teachers in Solfege Academy will teach you how to play. If you like, you can adjust the tempo of the musical score in five steps before you start to learn.

In addition, the grade of the score increases according to the key, the number of accidentals and the tempo of the musical score. Note that the power of the musical notes will increase according to the grade of the score.

  • Musical notes come from the right side. Play the notes with the keyboard below before they reach the white Fuyomin line.
  • If you play correctly, the note turns blue. It will turn yellow if you make one mistake and turn red if you make two mistakes.
  • If you mistake three times, the note will be destroyed.
  • The number of stars above represents the accuracy score you have earned.

Study hard and aim to achieve the passing score set by the teacher. In addition, the teacher may give you special items as a reward for your efforts.

For more information watch this video!


How to buy and use items

You can get various items which are useful for your quest. Food can improve your Fuyomin’s strength, defense, or agility. Because there are three types of Fuyomin; herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores, please buy food suitable for your Fuyomin.

Herbivorous Fuyomin cannot eat meat and Carnivorous Fuyomin cannot eat vegetables! Sweets are good deals because every Fuyomin can eat them.


Potions can recover your Fuyomin’s health. They are classified into three categories, recovering your Fuyomin’s health by points, by percentage, and increasing the maximum health point.

During a quest, food and other items are placed on the right of the screen. You can give them to your Fuyomin before encountering monsters. A light ring is shown when the strength of your Fuyomin has increased by food or items. In addition, the frame and background of your Fuyomin will change when the defense and agility of your Fuyomin increase, respectively. The colors of light, frame, and background, which change based on the degree of the increase, are shown in the following table.

~30% Up30%~50% Up50%~ Up
StrengthBronze FlameSilver FlameGold Flame
DefenseBronze FrameSilver FrameGold Frame
AgilityBronze BackgroundSilver BackgroundGold Background

The number in the red circle in the upper left indicates number of turns remaining which strength is increased, the number in the blue circle in the lower left indicates the remaining number of turns where your Fuyomin’s defense is increased, and the number in the green circle in the lower right indicates the remaining number of turns where agility is increased.

Potions are placed on the left of the screen. You can recover your Fuyomin’s health by giving them before encountering monsters.

For more information, watch this video!



How to start a quest

Are you ready? Let’s go on a quest! A battle begins when you encounter monsters. Charge musical notes to your Fuyomin by playing your musical score, which you learned at school. The more accurately you play, the more damage the monsters suffer.

The green bar below your Fuyomin shows its health points. If the bar becomes totally red, you lose your Fuyomin’s health and the quest is over. The monsters have the same bars, so continue to attack until their bars become totally red.

When you complete a quest, you will get gold and experience points. In addition, you may regain treasure which monsters have stolen. Level up your Fuyomin by getting experience points over the criteria defined in each level.

Please note that some quests may require you to play more difficult musical scores.For more information, watch this video!

Grow with your Fuyomin!

Based on the accuracy when you play during quests, the level of your music reading is certified. The level starts from bronze, then silver, gold, and platinum. Note that your Fuyomin’s abilities increase according to this level. Aim to become the best music reader to restore peace to the world!

This is how to play the music reading roll playing game, FUYOMIN. Enjoy quests with your Fuyomin and level up your music reading skills too!

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