Tutorial Videos

The videos in this page explain how to play the game, FUYOMIN. Click here to visit Fuyomin’s YouTube channel.

How to play

Go on an adventure!

Defeat violent monsters with musical note attacks by your Fuyomin. By playing your musical score, you can charge your Fuyomin with the notes to attack the monsters. The power of musical notes decreases according to the number of mistakes you have made. Be aware that the notes will be destroyed if you make three mistakes.

How to study a musical score at Solfege Academy

You will use a musical score to charge your Fuyomin in battle. Before that, you need to study a musical score at Solfege Academy. The teachers in the academy kindly teach you how to read musical scores. You should study hard to obtain a musical score, which is granted after passing an examination.

How to use items

You can buy various items which are useful for your quest. Food can improve your Fuyomin’s strength, defense, or agility. Potions can recover your Fuyomin’s health.

Fuyomin and the Kingdom of Music

Fuyomin and the Kingdom of Music Opening

Located at the eastern end of the world, the Solfege Kingdom was wealthy, peaceful, and prosperous, protected by the mighty magic of the Queen. However, monsters started to appear around the Kingdom on a stormy night and began attacking people …